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Sugar Lamp

Sugar Lamp by Hatef Jafari Sharami

1st Winner

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Sugar Lamp

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It is called SugarLamp, and Sugar Containers inspire it. SugerLamp is intended as a reading lamp but can be used as a bedside light and decorative lighting. The unique advantage of the design is that a slight hand movement controls turning the light on and off and the amount of light distribution. Since the light bulb is easily replaceable, using different colours with different light intensities is possible. The main idea of SugarLamp was formed in less than a week. During the announcement of the design competition in the lighting field, SugarLamp was invented. Much of the ideation time was spent finding the main problem in general lighting design. While designers usually consider a single lighting element for light sources, the amount of light distribution in the space and on the surfaces is a burning part of the design and the core feeling that the light source creates they ignore. SugarLamp is a response to that feeling.