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White Bricks House

White Bricks House

1st Winner

Design information

Design name

White Bricks House

Primary function


Location of the project

Brasilia / Brazil

Year of design




Design team

Henrique Coutinho, Daniel Mangabeira and Matheus Seco


Photos: Joana Franca


The White Bricks House was built in an extremely artisanal way by masons-craftsmen, in a slow and precise process. Although it is a constructive process that is not very widespread in Brasilia nowadays, the use of exposed solid bricks has a constructive complexity that requires precision and constructive refinement, elements that are very present in the most representative public buildings of Brasilia. Built on a residential complex in the Lago Sul region of Brasilia, the program was distributed around the perimeter of the plot so that all the main rooms of the house could face the central area, with a large green area and a semi-Olympic lap pool. Therefore, the bedrooms, living rooms, verandas, kitchen and even the garage were directed towards the large garden environment that functions as a central patio. The facades are covered by an outer layer of solid bricks painted white. Its different degrees of openness are formed by the variable spacing between the bricks.

Company information

The studio is located in Brasilia and was founded in 1999. It makes projects of different scales and programs.